LaserJet vs Inkjet printer: Which one should I buy?

LaserJet vs Inkjet printer: Which one should I buy?

LaserJet vs Inkjet printer: Which one should I buy?

A printer is easy to shop for and highly accessible since many printer companies are selling online as we do too here at Toner Corporation (Pty) LTD. It doesn’t take much to decide which printer you need. Nevertheless, there is one important printing difference that you must know.

When you are deciding on which printer to buy for your home or office use, you will have to consider a few factors when you have questions on choosing between a laser printer or an inkjet printer. This is a very crucial step for your future printing endeavors, and here at Toner Corporation, we want to ensure you take the best decision and obtain value for your money.

This article will determine what options are ideal that you should consider when purchasing inkjet printers or laser printers. If you are trying to shop for a printer, you are probably wondering what the difference between inkjets and laser printer is. What they are compatible with, what value they produce, and their cost. Even though both printers are fit or suitable for both home and offices, one will be more necessary and efficient for a particular use.

Inkjet Printer

LaserJet vs Inkjet printer

Price: R1000 and above 

An inkjet printer is a type of printer that prints and produces digital color photos by projects and it thrusts tiny liquid droplets of ink on a paper. You will need to purchase ink cartridges when the ink runs out. Inkjet printers are one of the most frequently used types of printers and range from a variety of smaller and cheap consumer prototypes to very costly corporate professional printers.

Usability: inkjet printers/ multifunction are suitable for low volume printing and are the traditional choice of home users or people who do not print overly continually.

Companies that sell Inkjet Printers: Toner corporation (Pty) LTD, Incredible connection, Takealot, Makro, Canon, Epson etc.


  1. Inkjets are easy to use
  2. Contains a large paper tray
  3. Good printer choice for a high resolution/ capacity color photo and documents that rely heavily on image quality. An Inkjet printer is the best choice for mixing a polished color are other pros for inkjets than a laser printer.
  4. An Inkjet printer is more affordable than a laser printer. Ink cartridges also cost less than toner cartridges
  5. An inkjet printer can print on many different types of paper, such as gloss lamination paper, linen texture paper etc.
  6. An inkjet printer uses less warm-up time for the printing process to begin.
  7. You can save your money by refilling or reusing ink cartridges.
  8. An Inkjet printer is often smaller and lighter than a laser printer and is easier to maintain than laser printers.



  1. Inkjet printer ink and cartridges can be very expensive.
  2. This printer uses a water-based ink, which means prints are an easy target for water damage and could fade when exposed.
  3. Ink cartridges must be regularly cleaned. Some printers can do this automatically, but this process still wastes lots of ink.
  4. An inkjet printer prints slower than a laser printer.


Laser Printer

LaserJet vs Inkjet printer

Price: R1,850.00 (HP P2015 Mono Laser Printer)

A laser printer uses a laser to form a pattern of electrostatic printing or process by using tiny charged spots of dye on a drum that is light sensitive, which in turn will attract the toner (ink powder in the cartridge). The toner will then be transmitted onto the paper and then anchored and arranged by a heating process.

Usability: A laser printer is used for high volume printing and is often purchased for the purpose of office use. Nevertheless, a laser printer is also considered more suitable and the more economical choice for home use as well. Laser printers are for those who print frequently and scan all the time. For those who need a “hustler” type of machine that can keep up with their busy office printing needs. If you do not frequently work from home or fast paced small office, then you may find more value and efficiency spending less on a printer that is still just as effective.

Companies that sell LaserJet Printers: Toner corporation (Pty) LTD, Incredible connection, Takealot, Makro, Canon, Epson, Brother etc.


  1. A Laser printer generally has a higher printing speed than an inkjet printer.
  2. A laser printer is crucial for high unit volumes of printing.
  3. A laser printer produces black and white printed content. If most of your printing is text and rarely photos, then a laser printer is the best choice to take.
  4. A laser printer will also maneuver smaller fonts and thin texts way better than an inkjet printer.
  5. Even though a laser printer costs more than an inkjet, laser toner cartridges supply higher print yields running in conjunction to their cost and are recommended because they are less wasteful than ink cartridges.


  1. A laser printer uses more warm-up time for the printing process to begin.
  2. Toner cartridges are highly priced and are more expensive than ink cartridges.
  3. Toner leaks can be detrimental to its features, and you may have to buy a whole new cartridge.
  4. A laser printer cannot print on many different varieties of paper models like inkjet printers.
  5. Paper or material that is sensitive to heat cannot run through them.
  6. If you desire to print smooth quality colored images, an inkjet printer is the way to go.
  7. A laser printer is generally bigger, wide, heavier and takes more space than an inkjet printer.


A laser printer is of long-term usability and is more economical than an inkjet printer. Inkjet printers require ink cartridges. A Laser printer uses a toner cartridge. Toner cartridges generally have a higher yield, so you do not have to worry about buying another replacement cartridge sooner. Toner does not dry up like ink and has less problems than the ink cartridge. An Inkjet printer is cheaper, but the ink cartridges run out quicker and therefore are more costly when frequently purchasing. But laser printers are cheaper with regards to per printed page, because of long lasting toner cartridges. Inkjet printers can be the most economical choice if you don’t print much. Inkjet printers are better for graphic colors and images, while laser printers are better for black and text documents.

Laser/Inkjet Printer | Toner Corporation PTY LTD

Inkjet cartridges are cheaper, they have smaller cartridges and consequently have a lower page yield. To replace them will be more costly on the long run. Laser printers are expensive upfront but cost you less in the long run and have a higher page yield. In general, the lower the price of the printer, the more it will cost you to run. Toner corporation offers you value for your money by selling generic replacement cartridges that offer the same value as the original.

Whatever printer you decide to choose, toner corporation will provide you with quality replacements and maintenance products. Ultimately, if you are a business and print 100 pages a day for 365 days on a small Inkjet printer, you’ll be spending a lot of money on ink cartridges and you’ll be better off with a laser printer. Toner cartridges print more documents than an ink cartridge and waste less than an ink cartridge. When deciding a brand consider the advantage of duplex printing which will ultimately save you money.

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