How to Save Money on Printer Ink? A blog post related to toner cartridges and printer ink.

Printer InkHow to find a reliable Printer Ink Supplier?

Google can help you to find suppliers in your area, or that will deliver to you locally. Things to consider when choosing a supplier:

Their Location

  • are they in your country or are they an international company?

Read their Google reviews

  • Are clients happy with their products and service?
  • Do they offer a warranty on their products?
  • What is the company’s return policy?

How do I find the best printer ink and toner cartridges?

Normally if you find a good supplier, then they will be able to supply the best cartridges. Look for a supplier that has been around for while and that also has good Google reviews. Good suppliers aim to keep their clients happy, so suppling good quality products will be high on their list to keep customers happy and coming back for more.

Printer Ink or Toner Cartridges?

This mainly depends on:

  • Your needs
  • Your Budget
  • Do you need to print in colour or just in black?

If you need colour, you can get an inexpensive colour Ink printer that works with ink cartridges. You can get these as originals from the manufacturer or generic versions at a reduced cost. Colour laser printers can also be an option, just bear in mind that there are four individual cartridges as well as additional items like imaging drums. So, they are a lot pricier to own or to keep printing.

Ink tank printers offer high volume printing at a lower cost. They are ideal for students, scholars, or any application where a lot of printing is needed. It is also important to remember that ink runs when a drop of water is spilled on it. Therefore, this is not ideal for business documents like invoices or quotations as it might create a bad image of the company.

A black and white (Monochrome) laser printer might be more ideal for business documents, as cartridges may be available in generic as well as original versions. Check if there are generic cartridges available for the printer you want to use before you buy it.

Note Toner Corporation offers a wide range of remanufactured printers with warranties, and we are worth a look at if you’re looking for great value printing solutions.

Should you refill your own printer ink and toner cartridges?

Refilling of cartridges has become something of the past since the advent of generic cartridges.  This is because the refilling of cartridges is quite a messy business. The print quality might be terrible after refilling, or you might spill toner or ink into your printer causing damage.

We recommend just getting a cost-effective generic cartridge from Toner Corporation. If remanufacturing is required, inquire about the range of remanufactured cartridges that we offer at Toner Corporation. Save money without the hassle.

What is the best way to buy printer ink and toner cartridges?

Many suppliers take advantage of seasonal promotion opportunities such as Black Friday, Cyber-Monday, back-to-school, etc. In those promotions, items are sold very cheaply with a large supply in stock. As a buyer you should also aim to take advantage of discounts and special offers on your desired item.

Many suppliers usually make combos by combining the different ink colours as a set. The biggest advantage of buying printer ink and toner as a set is that it may be much cheaper than buying the products separately, because they are usually sold at a discounted price. Toner Corporation sells these sets as high quality and affordable value packs.

All these factors answer the question of how to save money on Printer Ink. Hope this blog was helpful to you. Click here to see the full range of what we offer.

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